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Our Top 4 Ways to Get Everyone Involved In Your Wedding Entertainment

As the wedding day draws in to the evening - and the traditional, more formal elements of the day have taken place - this is the perfect time for you and your guests to celebrate the occasion and the wonderful sentiment of the day together. But we understand that you might already be worried about making sure that all of your guests are having a good time, and are enjoying the evening as much as you are. That’s where we come in.

At EK Event Group, we know just how to get the party started and bring everyone together (even drawing in the guests who are the type to normally sit out the dancing). So, in this blog post we thought we’d share with our top 5 ways to get everyone involved in the entertainment on your wedding day.

  • Plenty of stunning additions to the decor - these could be everything from little touches like bold creative stage lighting and striking feature pieces that light up beautifully, to our cool funky lit-up couches. Having fashionable and elegant, yet alternative decor touches that light up at night provide a fantastic backdrop to the entertainment, filling the whole atmosphere of the evening with a glamorous party vibe.

  • Get the DJ to shake up the tunes, with a mixture of romantic favorites and crowd-pleasing hits that no one can resist dancing along to. Rest assured, our amazing, super talented DJs know just how to keep the crowd’s spirits high.

  • Bold visual spectacles - nothing gets everyone excited quite like dazzling visual effects to add radiant, dramatic moments to the evening. We can offer our clients everything from sparkulars to innovative videography and even smoke machines to take your dance floor to the next level.

  • Keep it unique - at EK Event Group, we offer bespoke entertainment services that are tailored to you. By ensuring that your wedding entertainment is as unique as you are, you can guarantee that your guests will be entertained by all of the exciting elements, details and activities that go on all evening long.

We take immense joy in ensuring that our clients and every single one of their guests are up on their feet celebrating the occasion, and the couple at the heart of it, and having a brilliant time. We provide premium, bespoke wedding entertainment across New York, and we work to ensure that all of our clients have an absolutely sensational day. At EK Event group, providing show-stopping entertainment that delights our clients is our passion and if you'd like us to assist with your wedding entertainment, you can get in touch with us here.

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