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How to Add a Little Twist To Your Wedding Cake

We might all be stuck in lockdown for a little bit longer but, on the plus side, if you’re planning your upcoming wedding it gives you plenty of time to give a bit of thought to extra little details. One thing you might be spending a bit of extra time thinking about is your wedding cake.

All too often, people tend to forget about the wedding cake, or are just in a rush to get it sorted quickly, and so opt for a standard vanilla sponge decorated plainly and traditionally. Now, while that will still make for a delicious and pretty cake, we think that it might be worth spending a little bit of extra time (while we’re not allowed to head out of the house anyway!) taking a look at different ideas and clever ways to add a little twist to a typical wedding cake. So, without further ado, here’s a few of our favorite ideas to make your wedding cake something extra special.

  • Adding color

Just because the dress and the decorations are white, this doesn't mean that the cake has to be! We love seeing wedding cakes in all sorts of bright funky colors, and we’ve found that a boldly colored cake really makes a stand out feature when it’s paired with classic white decor.

  • Flavorful

Vanilla is a delicious classic flavor, yes, but that doesn’t mean it has to be the go-to choice for everyone’s wedding cake. Make your cake stand out from the crowd with an unusual flavor (or a different flavor for each tier, if you really want to go the extra mile). This could be anything at all - red velvet, ginger spice, salted caramel, s’mores, pina colada, strawberry, chocolate and orange, coffee and walnut, lemon and poppyseed, confetti, lavender - there’s so many cake flavors out there, so have a few taste tests to find your favorites (you don’t need to ask us twice!).

  • Choux pastry

If you like the way the French do glamour, choux pastry is just about as classy as it gets. This could be crafted into either a decadent tower of eclairs or magnificent croquembouche centerpiece. These can then be filled with delicious and flavorful fillings of any variety.

These ideas can add a bit of flair to your ceremony, and these little touches all build up to create a wedding day that is full of character and personality. The EK Event Group is a premium wedding entertainment provider, based in New York, and we love being able to fill your day with fantastic entertainment that is personal to you. So, we work on a personal basis with all of our clients, to make sure that your entertainment suits you perfectly, and makes your wedding day absolutely unique.

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