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6 Unique Ways to Make Your Wedding Day More Memorable

Every couple has their own story. As a result of this, every wedding is and should be unique. We’re talking about more than the noticeable differences like the theme, setting, or color scheme. There are so many ways you can personalize your wedding and make it your own.

If you’re thinking a bit outside the box for your big day, we’d like to help. So here are our suggestions on how to make your wedding more memorable and fun.

· The Anniversary Dance

Everyone loves a moment in the spotlight. When the DJ calls out married couples for the anniversary dance at your wedding, the spotlight will be on them. If you’re opting not to throw your bouquet at your wedding, this is an excellent way to replace it, and you could choose to gift it to the couple left last at the anniversary dance.

· Late-Night Snacks

Late-night snacks are a lifesaver at weddings because your guests will get to refresh after dancing away a massive part of the first wedding dinner. It also gives a boost for more fun on the dancefloor, which is like the best feeling ever!

· Photo Booths

Photo booths remind us of a fun, carefree time in our childhood. So, it is always a hit at weddings. Having a photo booth at your wedding is a sure way to get your guests excited, and they could even take the images home as part of their wedding favors. Fun right?

· Unique Entertainment

Imagine fire dancers showing up at a wedding unexpectedly? Your guests will love the fun and excitement. Include a good performance act like the fire dancers we mentioned above or even a magician to surprise and make your guests happy at your wedding.

A good DJ is one of the requirements for a fun atmosphere at your wedding. An experienced DJ knows how to choose the right music and affect the mood of the people present. Those are the kind of DJs that we have here at EK Event Group. We are your event source for all that is entertainment. We would love to discuss this with you. Give us a call today!







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