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5 Artists Whose Songs Are A Must at Your Wedding

Updated: Jul 9

Wedding music is one of the entertainment forms that you will have at your wedding, and our DJs here at EK Event Group will do a great job at it. When it comes to wedding music, the beat, the lyrics, and the vocals are essential. They often help decide which song you can use to walk down the aisle and which to use for your table dance-off.

Some artists are so good when it comes to songs that you can play at a wedding that you will often hear at least one of their songs at most weddings. Songs from these artists are essential as they can help break the ice and get the crowd moving as they hear a familiar much-loved tune. Think artists like Elton John, Joe Cocker, Etta James, Maroon Five, John Legend, and Adele. Apart from these, the following artistes also have more than one song which can feature on your wedding playlist.

· Bruno Mars

Songs like “Marry You” and “Just the Way You Are” are why Bruno Mars is a recent favorite at weddings. His exceptional voice and charming looks don’t hurt either.

· Charlie Puth

If you are looking for Soul songs, Charlie Puth is the artist to go for. “One Call Away,” “Then there’s you,” or “Some Type Of Love” would make great additions to your wedding playlist.

· Ed Sheeran

With Ed Sheeran, it’s not just about the great voice, but the lyrics. Captivate your guests with the very much loved “Thinking Out Loud” or “Perfect.”

· Elvis Presley

Everyone romantic has, at some point, heard “Love Me Tender” and “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” Great songs like these are the reason why Billboard crowned Elvis, the artiste of the 50s.

· Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra has regaled fans from the 40’s up until now. If Frank is played at your wedding, it will most likely be any of the following “Love and Marriage,” “The Way You Look Tonight,” and “In the Blue of the Evening.”

Here at EK Event Group, we play only the very best of songs from the very best artists. We’ll be sure to keep you, and your guest entertained. We would love to discuss your specific event plans with you. Give us a call today!







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