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4 Ways to Take Your Wedding from Boring to Fun

Your wedding does not have to be boring. Especially not after the kind of year we’ve had. We’ll soon be able to hold weddings again, and when we do, we hope that you choose to have an event that will remain in the minds of your family and friends for a long time. In light of that, here are some tips to help you do just that.

· A Fun Location

Your wedding location is important. Apart from other important reasons, there is the fact that you’ll be seeing it in the background of your wedding pictures forever. If you want a wedding that is out of the norm, your location is where to start. You can also use things like décor to enhance your venue too.

· Amazing Cuisine

With the number of amazing cuisines available, you don’t have to opt for the predictable plated dinners you find at most weddings. Why not make it more personal? For example, you can have your favorite restaurant do the catering. They’ll find ways to infuse flavors that you love into your wedding menu for a unique touch and extra personal detail.

· Fun Games

What party games can you add to your wedding schedule? From scavenger hunts to some of the more outrageous games you might encounter at a carnival, it is sure to bring more fun. Lawn games are also great if you’re having a backyard wedding. Do your best to throw something unusual or unexpected into the wedding events mix to surprise and delight your guests.

· More Entertainment

While music and dancing are entertaining, you should throw in some unusual selections rather than the traditional wedding music. This doesn’t have to be the only entertainment. From dancing troupes to acrobats and magicians, choose something fun to entertain your guests at specified times. Just make sure it’s relevant to you as a couple.

Whichever of these options you choose to go for at your wedding, we have everything you need for your entertainment here at EK Event Group. We can handle it all in a fun way too. We would love to discuss your specific event plans with you. Give us a call today!







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