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4 Alternatives to The Traditional Wedding Dances

In the past, the Father-daughter dance was one of the most commonly scheduled wedding dances, and it was beloved by many. It is still requested for regularly, but it may not work for everyone. These days, couples often come up with fresh takes on dancing. Here are some of them you can use on your wedding day.

· The Generation Dance

Couples often choose this dance to pay tribute to marriage through the years at their reception. The way it works is simple: Our DJs at EK Event Group will invite all the couples to the dance floor.

After a little while, our DJ will ask all the couples married for less than a year to exit the dance floor. This will continue through five years, ten years, and so on, until only one pair is left on the dance floor. It's a great way to pay tribute to lasting love and a fitting way to kick off your new marriage.

· The Mother-Daughter Dance

As the bride, you can show your mom just how much she means to you by saving her a dance. You can choose a song that’s special to both of you, then let our DJs play it. Might we recommend a song that always works here? Taylor Swift's "The Best Day"

· The Best Friend's Dance

There is no one quite like your best friend, is there? So, it’s only logical someone that close to you gets to share in your most special of days. Celebrate your friendship with a dance because it’s a once in a lifetime moment. Pick a song you both like and go for a spin on the dance floor.

· The Family Dance

Group dances are always lots of fun, so why not include a family dance on your wedding day? You can practice smooth dance moves before the big day and choose a song that’s easy to dance to. As the bride or groom, you may also choose a family member you want to honor and specifically ask them to dance with you at your reception.

Whichever of these options you choose, our DJs at EK Event Group from Staten Island, New York, are ready to cater to you. EK Event Group has the experience, talent, and skill to turn your wedding into an even more wonderful celebration.

When it comes to your wedding entertainment, we can handle it all too. We would love to discuss your specific event plans with you! Give us a call today or come see us at 474 Wild Ave, Staten Island, NY 10314.







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