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3 Social Media Friendly Wedding Entertainments for Your Wedding

Your wedding entertainment is a big part of your wedding, and the goal is for you and your guests to have as much fun as possible. Social media like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, and more have also become a part of our daily lives. This means that as a couple, you are sure to want to share pictures and videos of your wedding day and the fun that you have on that day.

In keeping with recent trends, many couples choose to go for much more than just music when it comes to wedding entertainment. Also, because it’s social media, the wow factor is a significant influence in choosing modern wedding entertainment. Here are some social media-friendly wow alternatives for your wedding. You can pick one or more to include in your event, but moderation is key.

· Acrobats or Aerialists

Bring the fascination and excitement last witnessed at the circus for most people to your wedding. Acrobatic poses and tricks are amazing to watch and are sure to bring the wow factor to your wedding entertainment. Aerialists are also like acrobats but from the ceiling. Why have a hanging installation when you can have a hanging performer draw your guest’s attention to the roof? If your venue does not have the right facility, you can hire mobile stages that come with aerialists installations for the performance.

· Mentalists and Magicians

What better way is there to have a magical wedding than to have an actual magician as part of the wedding entertainment? By magicians, we do not mean your nephew, who has just recently learned a couple of card tricks from off the internet. Please hire a professional.

· Cultural Dancers

Go for more than fun at your wedding and have a cultural dancing crew as part of your wedding entertainment. It is sure to keep your guests mesmerized and talking about it for days to come.

Captivating right? We’d also like to add that the best time for most of the entertainment listed above is between your wedding ceremony and the reception. You can also schedule a more comfortable time, depending on your event.

Here at EK Event Group, we believe that using one team for your event creates a cohesive and stress-free wedding. You can get some of the above forms of entertainment and more from us. We’re located at 474 Wild Avenue Staten Island NY 10314. You can call us on 718-982-6000 and send us an email at







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