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3 Advantages of a First Look Photo Shoot

First look photoshoots by couples can be quite interesting and the pictures from it are usually the best. Couples these days choosing a lot more often to do first look photoshoots so it seems the trend has come to stay as an important part of modern weddings. Here at EK Event Group we also handle your wedding photos and videos and thought we should share some tips with you on wedding photography in this post. So here are three advantages that come with having a first look photoshoot at your wedding in New York. Read on to find out.

· They’ll Help with Pre-Wedding Anxiety

First look photoshoots are a great way to relax in the presence of your partner before your wedding. You’ll get to see how each other looks before your ceremony and spend a little time with each other. This can go a long way towards helping you ease your nerves and anxiety.

· You’ll Get to Spend More Time with Your Guests

A first look photoshoot can give you more time to spend with your wedding guests. How? You may ask? It’s quite simple. Since you’ll have great pictures from your first look photoshoot and more from when you say your vows, this will reduce the number of pictures you’ll need during cocktail hour and leave you with more time to spend with your guests. Great right? Well, we think so too.

· You’ll Be Able to Get the Waterworks Out of The Way

A first look photoshoot can help avoid you both crying too much at the altar. You’d have already seen each other during the photoshoot and gotten the waterworks out of your systems. This one isn’t a guarantee however but who said crying at your wedding was a bad thing in the first place?

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