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10 Tips on Creating the Best Wedding Reception Ever

If we were asked what a wedding reception meant to us, we would label it a celebration of the new milestone you just achieved; a milestone made possible by marriage.

Don’t let your reception be a sob fest with sappy music, especially now that everyone will be looking for a reason to celebrate the wonderful union.

EK Event Group would love to help you with your reception. With the 10 tips below, you can throw the best wedding reception ever!

· Start from Your Invitations

Your invitations have to be beautiful, eye-catching, and a fun hint of the great party to come in your reception.

· Choose the Best Your Venue

Even the best decoration can’t fix a terrible wedding location. Get the best location you can if you want to have a fun wedding reception.

· Walk Down the Aisle in Style

Get a lovely dress, set up great lighting, and walk down the aisle to the most fitting music you can find. That’s the only right way to start a wedding with the best reception ever.

· Your Lighting

We’ve already mentioned great lighting, but here we are repeating it. Yes, because it’s that important!

· Go for Unexpected Décor

Your wedding décor for a fun wedding reception should be something out of the norm, so do something that’s unique but still lovely.

· Your Seating

Having creative and inclusive wedding tables are best for a fun party. Use long tables that can accommodate more people.

· Splurge on Your Flowers

This means you have to shell out quite a bit of money, but it’s worth it, isn’t it? From your bouquet to your flower decorations, go for the best only.

· Your Bar

An open bar is always welcomed by one and all, and wedding guests are no exception. And include some signature drinks and a specialized menu to make your event more special.

· Have Great Food

For the best reception ever, your wedding food must be delicious with lots of tasty options. If they don’t remember anything else, excellent food is one thing about your wedding your guests won’t forget.

· Get the Best Entertainment

For an unforgettable wedding, hire the best professional entertainment possible. This means that whether you’re going with a DJ or a band, they have to be experienced, competent and the best at what they do.

Speaking of the best entertainment, here at EK Event Group, we bring you unparalleled wedding entertainment. There are so many great options you can choose from. Everything we offer is geared towards making you’re a day as fun as possible. You will have a great time with us, and so will your guests.

We’re located here in New York and would love to hear from you. So, you ready? Give us a call today!

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